Monday, April 12, 2010

Friday 4/9

Today we took to the sky! We went almost to the top of this 50 story building in 55 seconds! What a fast elevator!

Window washers!

This looks like it rotates.

I'm a little afraid of highs, except when I'm in a plane. Weird, eh? I was scared the most in New York City when we were at "The top of the rock" on the glass platform that could supposedly "hold an elephant".

The cocoon building. (Its actual name.)

Tennis on top of a building, what a wonderful idea!

Tokyo is very large.


Does someone have a ruler?


After the observatory we went to the "TOTO SHOWROOM"!

Then we went to the Nikon showcase, a couple floors above TOTO.

Then we finished off the day by "trying" to go to the park, but it was closed.


  1. Hi Forrest,

    Wishing you and your family well. Loving the daily photos. Window washing- quite scary. Vanira - yummy. Thinking of you all :)!
    Kathy DeLuca

  2. Wow, tennis on top of a building... awesome!Hope your having fun in Japan!