Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday 4/6

Tuesday 4/6
Today, we had breakfast as usual, chilled, and left around 10. On coming out of our apartment I saw this sick porche.

Then we walked down Meguro River, which was beautiful and scenic with cherry blossoms lining the way.

Then we took a left when we reached the Nakameguro station

A Japanese car.

"Bridgestone" it says.

Whose boss now?

Theres the world's smallest sushi bar!

Then, we went to my shrine. Shinto shrines, as they are called, are the place to go to bless your children, and to ask the gods for good luck, or a wish. The name of my shrine is Kamimeguro Shrine.

This is where you pray. First your ring the bell, then you toss some coins in, then you clap, and next you pray.

But before you can pray you have to wash your spirit with holy water.

Well, you did ask for more cars. Right?

My old apartment is the one in the middle.
After ourapartmen we walked to Setagaya Park.

Car elevators. Drive your car on here, it lifts up, then the next car parks under your car. 

Mickey Mouse!

Alpha Romeo.

Setegaya Park.

After Setegaya Park we went back to a bus stop we saw and rode it to Shibuya station. Then we went down the shopping street to Loft. Which was super cool.

Knives are higher quality here, and less expensive. Plus they are more COLORFUL!

The hat section.

Hmmm. This reminds me of My Neigbor Totoro, again.

Phones for your phones!

Then we left Loft and went back to Shibuya station. While going there I tried to get an embarrassing photo of Amelia, my sister.

Out of focus.


Once we got home, we watched some baseball! Yomiuri Giants vs. Hanshin Tigers.

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