Monday, April 5, 2010

Sunday 4/4

Sunday 4/4
Again, we chilaxed because of Jet-lag until about 11-12ish. Instead of going to the main street near our neighborhood we took a different route, we went left out of our apartment instead of going strait. We walked down the street, then walked up it on the other side and saw a ramen shop. So we sat down and we instantly liked it. Here are some photos of it.

 Then we walked towards the Tokyo Metropolotian Teien Art Museum because of my sister. It wasn't all that bad thought. I got some nice photos their.

Made for the front of the car.


After that we went outside and towards the teahouse and park.


 After that we headed back home, had dinner and played Wii bowling as a family!


  1. And I think I powned you, right??!! :)

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