Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday 4/5

Monday 4/5
Today I woke up to the sound of rain on the balcony. Then we chilaxed until about 10 o'clock play Wii, eating breakfast, blogging, and watching weird Japanese TV. You may ask, why do we always chill until about 10? Well, the answer is that most stores in Japan don't open until around ten. For example, the grocery store, precce, doesn't open until 10 and the metro station isn't that crowded around that time. Then, we went to a mall and to a Japanese chain restaurant.


This was great.

Then we went to the subway and took a train to Ginza and went to the Sony Building. We went to the showroom, which was so cool.

TV for your PS3
Sony Ericsson with Google Goggles.

A really expensive speaker.

Cool touchscreen computer.

HD netbook

Sorry, tiny HD netbook.

Cool laptops.

Cool laptop.

Computer with removable keyboard.

Weird mice.

3D glasses that turn regular TV into 3D.

Cool 180 Camera View.

Then we took the subway to Venus Fort, the worlds women oriented mall. Which turns from day to sunset to night to dawn every hour.
Pirate ship mass.

My Neighbor Totoro Dolls

Super awesome, cool, massive car museum. I must have gotten 80 photos!

I'm a PC!

Then we went back to Venus Fort and my sister found a pet store, so we HAD to go there.

What happened to the old one?

2,000 US Dollar Dogs!

3,000 US Dollar Cats!

Then we went to the "Casino Plaza" on my whim. What a great decision on my part!

Then we went to the building right across from Venus Fort. It was the Toyota something building. It was super cool and weird at the same time.

Ferrari indoor soccer shoes

Then we rode the subway back to our house and I saw this boat and said, "Mia (my sister) look at that boat!"
My mom then said, "Thats not a boat. Thats a museum!"


  1. awesome post man! Keep up the good work and have fun!

  2. Forrest you and Jake tied for the final 4 pool. What is the nightlife like? Take more street photos if you can. Everyone hopes you are having fun. 78 Gold

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I TIED!!!!!!!!!

    Well, nightlife is like in NYC. Busy, Bright, but not as many people in the subway or on the streets. And if they are, they are going home.

    Yes. I will take more street photos, and I am having fun.